Each day is a blessing. Make each day count for something.

                             — Gloria Mallette

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While writing remains my passion, painting and jewelry making is something I have always wanted to try my hand at. Thank God, like writing, the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder. So, while I am  working on my next novel, Shh! Don’t Tell and the sequel to Weeping Willows Dance, my autobiography,  Mama, Can You Hear Me?; I am also painting, in acrylics, my next “masterpiece.”  lol and making bracelets and earrings out of semi precious stones and metals.  Please take a moment to look over my work below.  If you are interested in purchasing autographed prints, please order below as well.

As for my backlisted books, great news.  I now have all of the rights back for all of my previously published books by Random House and Kensington Books.  Although these books are available in limited editions, they are available online in downloadable EBook format  from Amazon.com and BN.com.  Those books are:  Shades of Jades, The Honey Well, Promises to Keep, What’s Done in the Dark, Distant Lover, and If There Be Pain.

My very first book, When  We Practice to Deceive, will soon be uploaded into Ebook format with several new chapters added.    Please go to  Page 5 — EBooks and Back Listed books.

Sassy, Weeping Willows Dance, and Living, Breathing Lies are all still in print and are up online on Amazon.com  and are also in Ebook format.  Personally Autographed copies can be ordered directly from Gloria Mallette at Gemini Press.  See Page 3.

June 2007 marked my return to the self-publishing arena with my ninth novel LIVING, BREATHING LIES. (Check out the video on Page 4).  As always, I am most appreciative of those readers who continue along with me on my literary journey.  To all  the fabulous readers out there, and as well to the ladies and gents of the many book clubs who continually stand my me, much, much love.  Although I often can’t make it to your book club meetings in person, I can certainly make it online or by telephone.  Please continue to email me with the date and time of your next meeting. I am a writer and I am blessed to be able to say so.

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Contact Ann C. Rudolph, publicist for Ms. Mallette at AnnCRudolph@aol.com.

Living, Breathing Lies

 (2007, 2008)

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SASSY (2009, 2010)

AUTHOR / Artist / Jewelry Maker

 Gloria Mallette

Praise       $100.00   20 x 16 

Repose     $100.00 16 x 20

The Red Chair       $125.00        24 x 18      

Beach Day     $125.00        24 x 18       

Personally Autographed Books Available.  See Listing of Books.

Woman in Bloom    $125.00 24 x 18

Family        $125.00  24 x 18

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“You are destined to be a writer when the story you have to tell won’t be silenced.

You are destined to be a writer when the story you have to tell suffocates you from within.

You are destined to be a writer when the story you have to tell makes you want to write.”

— Gloria Mallette