Living, Breathing Lies / Weeping Willows Dance

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Gloria Mallette

Your friends believe in you and support your dreams—people who mean you no good, don’t.

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Gloria & Mary B. Morrison

Gemini Press, P.O. Box 488 .  Bartonsville, PA 18321  . . . . June 15, 2007, $15.00  . . . . . ISBN:  978-0-9678789-2-8  .

Dist: Baker & Taylor, Gemini Press

Mozelle, at the age of 15 already knew that she did not want children—Her mother had 12. Mozelle dreamed of getting a good job, buying herself a car, and traveling across country—nobody and nothing hanging onto her skirt tail. That is until tall, dark, handsome Randell Tate, 22 years Mozelle’s senior, shows up in church one fateful Sunday morning and winks at her, throwing Mozelle’s world off-balance. Three months later they wed and Randell carried Mozelle across the threshold into The Great Depression. Her children were born and, against all odds, Mozelle set her sights on buying a piece of land and building a house to put a roof over their heads.  Despite a bad marriage and excruciating poverty, Mozelle‘s determination and her unshakeable faith in God, like the supple branches of the weeping willow tree are strong and unbreakable. Mozelle is every woman who squares her shoulders and vows to overcome, thereby proving that Weeping Willows Dance.


Gemini Press, P.O. Box 488, Bartonsville, PA 18321   May 2001, $15.00         ISBN 0-9678789-1-8

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Ebook Available

Ebook available

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