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Gloria Mallette

If you think defeat, if you act defeated, you will be.

Edwaldo Jackson, Mary B. Morrison

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Baby girl, baby girl, you‘re born into a world in which you are

a pearl. You’re precious, you’re pure, you’re lovely to behold,

yet you’re ignorant to the world of troubles that shadow you.


If you are not protected, you will be used, abused, stolen

and misused, maybe your life taken to render you voiceless.

For you, baby girl, are born with something more precious

than the golden sweet honey made by the honey bees.


Kings have abdicated, battles have been fought once eyes

have set upon your beauty and man has tasted of your honey.

Some men will not wait to be worthy, some men will

seize what is yours by right of birth.


You can choose, baby girl, you can decide—you have a will,

you have a voice, let no one take it from you.


Baby girl, baby girl, grow in mind, grow in body,

grow in spirit, and nurture your soul.

Protect yourself, respect yourself, and know that only you

can lose yourself.




When in the arms of death a loved one departs,

the flood of tears that are mournfully shed

will never wash the pain from our hearts.

The precious memories that remain in our heads

are ours until the day from this life we all part.




The seasons of our lives are ever changing and ever blooming.

As one life ends, another life begins. Throughout our lives,

at any given age, we know with spring comes rebirth and

another chance to go after what we want most. We set our

sights and sway like the weeping willow tree on a breezy day,

standing our ground against all obstacles that come our way,

always proving that we’re strong and will let nothing or no

one keep us from our goal. The Lord never promised us an

easy life, he only promised us life. What we do with it, is on us.




The heart doesn’t lie.

It feels what it feels,

it loves who it loves.



I planted a little lie today. 

I set it in dark fertile soil.

I gave my lie some water,

I gave it the breath of life.



I stood by my seedling,

I would not reveal its secret.

Into clinging, climbing vines

my lie grew strong and long. 



Yet, my flowers never bloomed.

My surly thick vine stole my beauty.

No one trusted my word.

No one respected me.

As each hour passed and

each day became another,

I shined the warmth of the sun

on the seedling my lie grew to be.

My lie was my truth, I saw it that way. It coiled itself around my legs, snaked itself around my hips. In my heart I had no fear of the lie I spawned.

Oh my God!

My vine is choking me!

It is squeezing the life from me.

Oh my God. My lie has become me.



At Mama’s knee, life’s lessons can’t be learned,

only in life’s journey can our stripes be earned.

While some are wary where they tread,

others rush unwittingly straight ahead.

For those who do not heed an elder’s pleas,

they are surely guaranteed to pay a hefty fee.

Arrogantly they believe, what’s worth a gain

can’t come without inflicted pain.

They care not about the hearts they crucify,

their ultimate goal is to self-satisfy.

How they treat their many lovers

is often kept beneath the covers.

They are not concerned that which goes around,

perhaps will unexpectedly come around.

In time they will face a mighty reckoning rain

and not realize it’s due to a poor soul’s pain.



What we do, no one has to know.

What we know, we never have to tell.

Behind closed doors, we do what we will,

out in the open, our faces never reveal

what we hide behind the darkness of the veil.

Time and error are often unkind.

A slip of a tongue, a careless mind,

an eye unexpected, a happened upon find.

What’s done in the dark will find its way

into the vast bright light of the fated day.




Yesterday I dreamed of you.

Today I yearn for you.

Every time I ache for the touch of you,

I’m reminded how distant I am from you.

Time and space has long intruded,

my love for you  years ago rooted.

You are my distant lover,

you are the desire I cannot savor.

You are my distant lover,

my fantasy, my lover of favor.